Nikonrumor/left AF sensor: Nikon may issue statement

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Re: Nikonrumor/left AF sensor: Nikon may issue statement


I have a d800e with the AF problem.I sent it to Nikon UK with a detailed letter explaining it. They either didn't read it, understand it or have the capability to fix it since it came back the same.

So, via their website, I wrote to Nikon UK asking if they are aware of the particular issue and if/when the fix (if it exists) will arrive. They replied very politely offering me free postage to send the camera in to be checked but they didn't acknowledge even my question about the AF-issue. So I don't know if Nikon UK are even aware of it and I'm not sending it back in until they make it plain they know what's going on. Perhaps other Brits should write in too - just a suggestion. The camera is absurdly expensive here - around $4500 - and they should at least tell us what's going on.

Anyone considering a D800 - it's, by miles, the best landscape 35mm DSLR I've ever used, especially for landscapes. Street photography etc isn't much different from the D700 but landscapes the D800 is amazing. But you MUST buy from someone who lets you return easily - I recommend amazon - and if the AF is off then just return it. I just wish I hadn't sold my D700.

TOF guy wrote:

If the statement is true: notice the importance of reporting the problem to Nikon. It helps Nikon evaluate how significant the problem is (they can't figure it out for themselves?).

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