Winter Wedding - Brides wants 20% discount

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Re: Winter Wedding - Brides wants 20% discount

Everyones comments are interesting. The problem I have with giving discounts', is that I know how hard I work both on the day and after the wedding pulling everything together.

I had a bride pick up a proof book yesterday and she said she had been at a wedding the day before with 2 videographers and 3 shooters. She also added that the whole day seemed chaotic in conmparison to her wedding and she'd mentioned to her husband that she wished I had been there to control things a bit better. Now that 'control' or people mangement tales a hell of a lot of effort and leaves me completey drained by the end of the day.

Getting a 'discount' when buying a car is slightly different. The people who built it have all been paid so any discount won't affect them. It probably won't even affect the car showroom as they will have a minimum level of profit they need to achieve and that will be as far as they go.

I still need to do the same amount of work and produce the same albums etc and I have set my prices to reflect this.

I also do not want to set a precedent that I'm cheap and will roll over to any demands. And some of the other poster are right, this is not a negotiation, it is a 'demand' as this is all they think the photography is worth.

I have not had a reply from the couple since I emailed them back saying no and offering the other package to them, and somehow I don't think I will.

To be honest the impression I get from the tone of our correspondence is that everything will be a hassle from start to finish so I really don't want to cover the wedding anyway.

I'll update if I hear from them.

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