2 Shots with Samyang 85/1.4

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Re: 2 Shots with Samyang 85/1.4


You know I never thought of shooting some of my fav prints to post online. I will definitely make a point to shoot a few, don't have a scanner so have to shoot them but it's not difficult. Work has me swamped so it might be a while before I can get to it, but I will.

Never thought of trying CIF for portraits but is might be worth a try. I've never spent much time on portraits so it would be interesting to see how it works for you. BTW, getting better with portraits is on my summer "bucket list:"

Xiaomao wrote:

Hi, Breckludin! I'm glad you liked the shots. Thanks for watching! It'd be great if you could share one or some of your collections.

It will be great for me if K5 offers "Select Focus Point" for A lenses; if so, I could use the CIF for selected point or area of a shot.
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