EX2F on hot list vs. XZ-1/LX-7

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Re: EX2F on hot list vs. XZ-1/LX-7

John.Laninga wrote:

I like my XZ-1, fast lens, good JPG engine, small size. But the new generation of enthusiast compacts has me looking closely. In fact, I put an LX-7 on pre-order. Now, reading about the EX2F makes me want one instead, especially because of the articulating display.

I'm new to Samsung cameras, but am aware that there are some of you with a lot of Samsung experience. So I'd be interested in any observations on what you expect from the EX2F vs. the XZ-1 or LX-7.

Why not just wait? It's all speculation...

As for the inane babbling by snake_b/fanfong: Samsung and Panasonic are not stuck in the past though they may have overlooked a way to get a large sensor with decent zoom into a small body. Now they know it's possible, they will undoubtedly do that too for the next model, but it takes time to make a new model. Manufacturers can't make and then bring to market, a different camera from scratch in less than ca. 1.5 years.

The Canon G1X is a joke as a 'compact', and as for 'prosumer': As long as you're carrying a brick you might as well take a DSLR with you, freeing you from the dog slow focussing of the G1X, and giving far more possibilities.

The RX100 (see http://www.dkamera.de/testbericht/#tab-alle for a new review in German where it gets very high marks, unsurprisngly) is the best one so far which is actually available. Its bad points are very very small, some small issues with colour, buttons almost flush with housing etc.

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