Help with PentaxA 200 macro

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Re: Help with PentaxA 200 macro

Hi John, just wated to make sure you're checking the pin that Ron was describing - so I took some photos of what happens when you set the lens to the A position.

There's a pin on the lens mount. It looks like a miniature ball bearing and is situated per the following image.

When you have the Aperture ring set to the A position the pin is raised as follows.

When the Aperture ring is taken off the A position it recedes a bit and ends up looking like the following.

If, when you move your Aperture ring, this pin doesn't move - or if it's missing - this would explain the behaviour you're seeing. If it DOES move then you have a different issue - it could be that the chip in the lens is not working.

A fix to the pin issue should be reasonably straightforward for any repairer.

A fix for a chip issue would probably require a Pentax repair.

Some Pentax A 200 macro lenses were modified to take a Canon mount (because it is a legendary lens) and it's possible that the seller has done this and then re-attached the Pentax mount incorrectly. Who knows though.

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