Puzzling 30D / 580EXII Problem

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Re: Puzzling 30D / 580EXII Problem

Thank you all for your suggestions so far. Of course, now that I am getting advice, I'm unable to reproduce the problem - yet another practical demonstration of Sod's Law !

I think Port Royal Dad may very well be on the right track here, i.e. the problem may lie in my contacts or in the flash itself. In fact the last time I had this problem, it was occurring mainly in the "straight up" position. I've just sat here and taken a string of test shots with the flash in various positions and it has fired every time - however I HAVE had inconsistent exposures (of the same shot !) even though the only possibly variable is the amount of light that ETTL thinks is required, so I think it's high time to try a bit of contact cleaning.....

Richard/ESFishDoc, when my 580EXII is mounted on the hot shoe and swivelled upwards as far as it will go, that IS the "straight up" position because the natural angle of the flash body is about 20 degrees forward of the vertical. I'm not sure what yours is doing going beyond there but it doesn't sound wholly healthy !

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