What to do with those darn negatives

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Re: What to do with those darn negatives

In short you have two options both with a pricetag.

From an ethics point of view keep those boxes.

If you give them to a client; There might be old clients that get in a distress remembering that wedding. So you have to call them first. And those interested may spread all the negs including failures like a virus in all their and their relatives social accounts.

So offering the negs for free may take an effort in calling all clients and for those who want their negs inspect each neg strip to cross out bad negs.

It is a great gift if you do it right. Estimate the hours that route including killing bad snaps will take.

From a practical point of view consider your bussiness cost per m2. How much volume is the archive and convert that to actual cost.
If the cost is out of balance with income?
Is there an alternative storage space for the negs?

Overall shredding may be the most cost efficient sollution, but then you show a great attitude to hesitate to do so with someone elses family history.

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