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Re: using chdk on sx40

GAREB wrote:

altendky wrote:

Looks like the SX220 uses the playback button as the button

I know that is how you get the firmware update to load up, but no menus come up after that, so something else must be pressed to bring up the menu.

Well, you do have to press something more, but not necessarily something else. And you can use the power button to start the camera. If you hold the power button down until it starts up it will go directly into record mode.

Playback, then choose firmware update and the CHDK loads up, but how do you bring the CHDK menu up? All I am getting is the battery indicator and that's it.

As well you should. While in playback mode you press the key (which varies per camera and looks to be 'playback' on the SX220) then there is likely a little indicator at the bottom of the screen. This is 'CHDK mode'. From there you can press 'Menu' for the CHDK menu or 'FUNC SET' (at least that's usually the button) for the script menu. While in (CHDK) mode pressing the shutter runs the loaded script. Pressing shutter again will terminate the running script.

You can change the key in the CHDK menus. In general, whatever button you select will act as for short presses or it's original Canon function for long presses.

Best of luck.

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