FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

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Re: FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

High-Speed, 1280x720 120fps could be very useful to me. And I am thinking my freezing hummer and flying insect wings would be more often successful with the brighter lens.

On another note I did my first and hopefully only wedding shoot yesterday with my 10 month old FZ150. Not my usual thing as I am not that much of a people person but they were hurting for a photographer. Honestly those images turned out fantastic with simply using IA, no flash and -1 on a cloudy day and 5AF. Over 3500 images in JPG (groom only wanted images in jpg and no video.) Maybe two dozen out of focus images, probably less. Surprising as I was busting my butt to get images of everyone in good face and the odd funny moments. Even a short playful video of the couple smooching, (when nobody was looking.)

This camera only fails to amaze me on a regular basis if I don't bring it with me. Gary S and many others here, have done some amazing things with the FZ150, FZ100, alone and with teleconvertors and macro lenses. So there is far more to this machine than I have gotten out of it. But it is not a matter of if I will upgrade, but when. I'm not going to carry and juggle multiple pounds of glass and cameras, I am just not that commited. Although after comparing images of pany, sony, canon, nikon, I would try out the Nex-7 of I had the doe, but I don't really have that kind of doe to throw around.

Luckily all of the FZ cameras seem to hold their resale value very well for a longtime. And even if you wait too long, what a great gift for a budding photographer or as a second camera with macro lens etc.

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