What makes the GH2 so special?

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The missing factor

Paco 316 wrote:

I agree that it is video. Stills are not that very good.

If any erstwhile photographer fails to get good images from a GH2, then that says more about his/her photographic skills than it does about the camera system. In the hands of a competent photographer the GH2 produces excellent output. In the hands of a bumbling amateur like me it still produces good output.

As others have commented, the GH2's array of useful switches and controls is impressive compared to all other m43 cameras. There are areas where it could be improved though:

  • weather sealing. I can use my GH2 in most British weather today without problems as long as I concentrate on keeping it dry.

  • position of the control dial. The placing immediately above the thumb rest is better than the placing in the middle of the front grip that we saw on the G1. But why oh why can Panasonic not take a lesson from Canikon and place it just in front or just behind the shutter release?

  • the provision of one of the world's worst user manuals has sparked an industry in mediocre books on the GH2. Why not just get the manual right first time?

  • a more silent shutter would be welcome.

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