New 5D 3 ordered! Some questions?

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Re: New 5D 3 ordered! Some questions?

Will the difference in image quality at low and high ISO be huge compared to the 5D.

No. The original 5D was already pretty good. But you'll notice how much better the AF works (I also came directly from a 5Dc and a 1Ds mk II to a 5D mk III.

My 17-40 and 24-105 were calibrated for the 5D, will this cause problems with the new camera and is micro adjust difficult and time consuming. I cannot at the moment afford the FoCal software. Any tips on micro adjust will be appreciated.

I used FoCal. But, normally you coud als get away with no MF adjust (like everybody did up to 4 years ago ...). Perhaps somebody other knows more about it. For quick MF adjustments, I once stumbled upon a site; I think it was this one:

What is the size of video files, how many minutes can fit on a 4GB card, does the card have to be fast. Also what is the average size of RAW files.

Double wht the raws on a 5D were (ca. 20Mb on the 5d mk III)

What is the best autofocus setting for general use, any tips on autofocus and custom settings.

Honestly, that what fits your style and subject best. I switched the available ones on the 5Dc based upon use, and will do so on the mkIII also.

After reading the DPR review is it advisable to turn off noise reduction in JPG's to improve quality.

Take a look, wehn you have it. Everybody has different preferences.

Does the lens correction option affect image quality and is it undoable in the raw files using ACR, Lightroom and DPP.

Turned it off, so I do not know. But, normally it should NOT affect the raw files, only the JPGs (same as with your old 5D: picture settings affected only the JPGs).

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