Ansel Adams Challenge

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Re: Ansel Adams Challenge

No, you don't seem to understand HCB style at all, I'm sorry. I think you'd like to, but don't really. And yes, your whole point was always one of style, of not being worthy of the HCB decisive moment.

mschf wrote:

MouraPhoto wrote:

You might say they don't know AD style well enough, but as you can see from the discussion regarding the HCB challenge, this particular person also didn't seem to understand HCB style all that well. That's just the nature of it, doesn't necessarily mean sandbagging.

Sorry Moura but I have to ask why you bring up "style" when it's not part of the HCB debate anyway? And why claim I don't "understand" it? I think I understand HCB's "style" quite well but that wasn't the basis for me doling out all those 0.5s. By mentioning "style", you're veering into a direction I never went in, nor want to go in.... I guess that makes me silly then?....

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