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Jimbo70 wrote:

OK, I know this has been asked before but why are my RAW files 18mb and my DNG converted files nearly 60mb? I do not embed my raw file in the DNG file. I shoot a GH2. I have read that the DNG converted files should be 15% to 20% smaller not larger. Thanks, Jim

If you provided a clue as to what software application is converting you GH2 RW2s into 60 Mbyte DNGs, that would surely help. Otherwise, readers are left entirely "in the darK", and can only guess

As Lights mentioned, if they are Linear DNGs , that is a demosiaiced format which (as a result of the information being then separated into RGB image-data) will have 3 times the byte-size (or so) as a result of that de-mosaicing taking place. Are you exporting Linear DNGs from DxO Optics Pro ?

I just used Adobe DNG Converter to convert a GH2 RW2 that is 18,884 KB (logical size) to a DNG that is 13,958 KB (logical size). There is a newer version of DNG Converter - but now they force you to install some Adobe "garbage-ware" just to have the privelege of downloading it.

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