EX2F on hot list vs. XZ-1/LX-7

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Re: EX2F on hot list vs. XZ-1/LX-7

Mostly, all cams in the prosumer class will likely have to consider that sales will go to to the new RX100. It's a stretch in pricing, but street pricing will quickly come down.

It's also likely a factor in why Samsung had to immediately reduce the msrp on the EX2f. Looks like they were blindsided by it.

Here's Steve Huff's review and examples:


Not ordinarily a Sony fan, skeptical about the MP count, but it looks pretty darn good, including at higher ISO levels than even the NX series can handle. They may not be the best, but highly usable in a pocket format, nonetheless.

The G1x is also quite a steller, but clunky performer. These two first efforts to break out of the present prosumer mold are really a huge jump past what we've normally seen and some Samsung guys are busy duking it out about how much better the EX2f is over the LX7. However, they are both in the same camp- the formula of the past, using tiny sensors. Seems only Sony and Canon made the effort to finally do something different with the category, making Samsung and Panasonic BOTH look stuck in the past.

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