Ken Rockwell...EOS M world's first serious mirrorless.

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If Canon ever creates a full-frame LEICA M body

"either in 35mm or digital, it would half-bury LEICA"

I was using Konica Hexar RF body for years ... Konica was very nice. Konica Hexanon RF lenses in M mount are also superb for made in japan lenses. But once you have native Leica M you will figure out what Leica M photography is about actually.

However I agreed that this new Canon "M" might be very sweet point & shoot despite the fact it shares nothing with REAL M except cheap marketing bite "m"

BTW I had read comments on the forum regarding how nice LeicaM's alike not only Canon's Nikon's Pentax's but Oly lenses as well. I've invested several grands into Oly body and full set of lenses (there was no digital M body at the time). They all went to eBay few months later.

In case you want Leica M IQ the only option is getting native Leica M
there are no competitors

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