NEX 5N out to Yosemite, Need Advice!

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Re: NEX 5N out to Yosemite, Need Advice!

I just took a 5N out to Yosemite a couple of weeks ago with the 18-55mm and 16mm lenses. I normally don't use the 18-55mm lens, but I wasn't going on a photography mission so I just decided to take this along. The 18-55mm actually did very well. The 18-200 is not going to be better than the 18-55mm in that range. That lens is expensive because of the large zoom range that it covers, not because it is superior optically. If you want a long lens, you should be better off with 18-55mm + 55-200mm instead of 18-200mm (unless you really want a single lens solution).

About the focusing -- are you letting the camera choose the focusing point or selecting the focus point yourself? Selecting a focus point with 5N is very fast due to touch screen so I would recommend that instead of letting the camera choose AF point, you should select it yourself and that should help you in focusing on exactly what you want.

As for the sunny day with shadows, yes thats a dynamic range issue which all cameras face. Luckily 5N has a pretty large DR so it can capture detail in highlights and shadows even in fairly high DR scenes. Though also keep in mind that in bright light, things often seem darker in the LCD than they actually are. Plus even though the camera can capture a lot of DR, in such cases it is often required to use some post processing to pull the details out of the shadows. Also use the histogram and dial in exposure compensation if you think that camera's exposure is off a bit.

Don't worry too much about the "quality" of your lenses. At this point things like proper exposure, good composition and post processing are going to have a much bigger impact on your photographs than the quality of your lenses.

KingSpence wrote:

Hey all. I'm taking my NEX 5N out to Yosemite in about 3 weeks and need advice on a couple of things. I consider myself a novice photographer.

As far as lenses go, I only have the stock 18-55mm kit lens. I would like something with a little more zoom so I can capture wildlife at a distance and something sharper than the kit lens. I am considering the Sigma 30mm f/2.8 and either the 18-200mm or the 55-200mm. I would like to get the Zeiss over the Sigma but since I'm a novice I wouldn't want to pay that much for glass and not know how to take full advantage of it. I'm also leaning towards the 55-200mm over the 18-200mm mainly because of the pricing. Would you guys recommend the 55-200mm? Does it produce clean and sharp results? Is the 18-200mm THAT big of an improvement over it?

Also today I took the 5N out on a short hike. I'd like to shoot manual focus all the time because that way I know for sure I'm getting clean results but it's just not practical. I tried the intelligent auto mode and it works sometimes but it never quite gets the lighting correct. It was an extremely bright sunny day with a lot of shade so some areas look over exposed and others underexposed. I've also found that while auto focusing many of my shots just aren't sharp if there are subjects at different distances from the camera. Does anyone else have this problem? How do you photography pros combat this? Do you shoot auto mode or one of the other modes like shutter priority?

I'm also thinking I'll need the electronic view finder since Yosemite will be sunny but it makes the camera look pretty ridiculous. What do you guys recommend as far as batteries?

Thanks for any help!

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