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Re: Downloaded and working well

I have upgraded three Macs to Mountain Lion, and have good experiences so far.

I upgraded an early 2008 24 inch iMac, a 2011 Mac Book Air, and a 2011 Mac Mini. All have performed well. I use Aperture for most photo work, and it is performing well.

The Mac Mini is the one with the 256MB video card. It has been upgraded to 16GB ram, and a 7200 rpm Momentus Hybrid drive. I cloned Lion onto it a few months back, then upgraded this week. I have the old drive with Lion on it, if I run into problems.

I did have to upgrade the MP Navigator EX scanner software, which initially crashed on Mountain Lion. It was on the 2008 iMac, where I went from Snow Leopard straight to Mountain Lion. Found a forum note that said on the Canon web site, you would need to download the Lion version of MP Navigator, because there isn't one listed on the Mountain Lion listing yet. The Lion version works fine on Mountain Lion.

Happy so far...

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