FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

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Image stabilization...

If you click the "full details" for some of the images...

108mm focal length on the Picasa page is equivalent to the maximum "600" for the camera.

The barbershop picture is 1/40 sec at listed 88mm (approx 500mm equivalent for the camera)
The passerby picture is 1/40 sec at 600 mm equivalent; camera held at my waist

The eyeglasses are 1/13 sec at 400mm (I'm leaning against a lamppost for support)
The picture in the window is 1/60 sec at 600mm

Obviously they weren't all "keepers" at that very slow shutter speed, but my hit rate wasn't bad - and certainly much better than FZ18/28.

Assuming all else the same, the f/2.8 FZ200 lens at full zoom should yield a factor of almost 4 for shutter speed and/or ISO compared to the f/5.2 FZ150 lens. That will be quite remarkable.


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