DPP, EOS Utility & MacOS Mountain Lion?

Started Jul 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
DavidIllig New Member • Posts: 7
Re: DPP, EOS Utility & MacOS Mountain Lion?

David Illig wrote:

EOS Utility crashes on startup under ML on my MBPro. The connected camera is a 5D Mark III. I haven't tried it with my 60Da yet. I had no difficulty with Canon apps under Lion on my several Macs.

PhilM oz replied:

2.10.4 and 2.11.0 work on a 2012 MacBook Air.
Anything later than 2.11.0 crashes when you connect a camera.

If you have an older version you could try installing it until Canon gets around to fixing the problem.

Thanks. I don't have a 2012 Mac; that could make a difference. This is a 2010 MBPro. I'll dig through my stuff to see what I have for older Canon disks. Probably nothing, because I have sold three older EOS cameras in the past year and I included the original disks with them. Certainly version 2.11.1 that came with my new 5D Mark III does not work for me. But I bought a 60Da in April and I'll check what version that has.


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