Quick link reference to fiction and non-fiction

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Quick link reference to fiction and non-fiction

Hi fellow photographers. This spring I launched my WordPress site, "The Literate Show- beautiful images and the essays that drive them."

Do you like to read? I have several fiction and non-fiction articles there. Here's a handy guide, with blurbs and direct links to specific stories--all written this year. I hope you find something you enjoy. The articles are nothing if they're not seen. Thank you for reading!


An Invisible World
The will to love is the thin thread that connects a man and a woman.

Inside the Beast
Livestock don't have a soul-- but young Julia wasn't sure.

Sunrise on Reeds

A child who lives at a beachfront home may never be in awe of the sunrise. It could take his moving away-- and perhaps being much older-- before he comes to appreciate what had shined but remained unseen.

Why We Love
A man finds the answer to an age-old question, amid a blood-soaked mess.


Textures in the Sandbar

The claim and cede of the sea produces beautiful patterns on the sandbar, as the water retreats from high to low tide.

The Singers on Live Old Radio

The 1940's was the glory decade when radio was the sole virtual means of household entertainment, and actual live singing could be heard over the daily airwaves.

Tree of Doubt Threatens Sandcastle City
Doubt is a shadow that blocks the sun, when we dare venture into something new.

Great Fathers
Great fathers emerge from good men.

What Broken Men See
A man who's been ground into the gutter can dream of looking up again.

Young Newbies in the Big City

New people in New York have two things up on everyone else: they are there, and it is new.

Hidden Treasures in Old Books

Take a look at what was found tucked in a 1943 magazine-- a story hidden for over sixty years.


Hatsuyo's Lasting Impression
A review of Saburo Sakai's autobiography SAMURAI.

Dear Dad, happy Mother's Day
A father's death shapes a son's life.

Slip of Paper Marks end of Pre-Web Era
A throw-away note from 1993 tells much about how the world was about to change.

Fighting with a Painting (and winning)
Painting is a still-life battlefield.


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