Phottix Feedback

Started Jul 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
Nikon Rob
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Re: Phottix Feedback

My Phottix Cleon II started locking up my camera in multiple ways (locking on AF, locking on shutter, or just freezing it). I noticed it does it without the receiver on, and tried it without the receiver even connected - problem remained. So the problem is a short in the 10-pin cable, not anything else with the unit. I even confirmed it by twisting and holding the cable at different angles (some angles trigger the AF, some trigger the shutter, some don't do anything). I'll be replacing the cable for $11 from Adorama and hopefully my remote will work again.

If you had similar symptoms to me, it may just be a faulty cable and you may want to try replacing that before you spend a lot on a new wireless trigger.

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