D800E from a D300, anyone experiencing the same as me?

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D800E from a D300, anyone experiencing the same as me?

Ok, so after some use here is what I am finding.

17-35mm AFS 2.8
This lens seems much better on this camera then it did on the D300.
I find it strange that on my D300 it was softer on the edges then on the D800

24-70mm AFS 2.8
This lens seams about the same on both camera's in every way.

80-200mm AFS 2.8

This is where my problems are. I can't get a sharp image to save my life. If I focus at 200mm and take the picture of something more then 20 feet away from me I have almost zero chance of it being sharp. Strangely if I auto focus at 80mm and zoom to 200 and take the shot the image is in much better focus although not as sharp as it should be. Even if I manual focus it never seems to be very sharp. I have even tried with live view and if the object is more then 20 feet from me the image is very soft. I put the lens back on my D300 and it is stellar. The camera can have the focus adjusted for a lens but this has no effect whatsoever. If I auto focus on my tripod in great light the focus is never on. I have tried single point, 9 point, ect. every autofocus option with no change in the result.

70-300mm f4-5.6
This lens is working surprisingly well, better then my 80-200 on the D800E

overall the camera seems exactly like my D300 in terms of focusing speed and accuracy (except with the 80-200). I have not noticed any difference with exposure with or without flashes.

I really like the dynamic range of this camera, I can get great detail out of it and very clean files.

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