7D / D7000 / K30 Thoughts?

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Re: 7D / D7000 / K30 Thoughts?

Well, I didn't anticipate a fight when I posed a fairly innocuous (I thought) question, but I must say I did enjoy it.

FWIW, I've managed to get my hands on everything except the Pentax K5, and I hope to do that this week. I'm swaying towards the K5 +18 - 135 WR as a travel lens and buy some better glass in time. I know it's possibly due for an upgrade, as the others are, but the prices are pretty good just now, and it's hugely better than what I have at the moment. Also, the pentax is less of a beast than the Nikon & Canon, so if I like the feel of the K5, that'll do me.

Thanks all for the advice and entertainment!

Take care

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