Comparing 18mp vs 21mp (1Dx vs 1Ds3)

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Re: Comparing 18mp vs 21mp (1Dx vs 1Ds3)

Image quality is going to be marginally better on the 1Dx, even though it has slightly less megapixels. But the two will be very close, and the difference might be imperceptable in many cases to most people.

Therefore, I feel that any buying decision between the 5D3 and the 1Dx should be made more based on features, than on image quality.

If you prefer to have the higher speed and the hand full of other additional features that the 1Dx offers, then it's probably the better choice. The only thing I know of that it lacks when compared to the 5D3, is in-camera HDR. That would be a nice feature for me to have since most of my work is architectural photography, but I'm still leaning toward the 1Dx personally because I it's clearly the better choice for autofocus tracking and speed for wildlife photography.

It's a close call no matter how you look at it. I guess it also depends on how willing you are to part with an extra $3,000 or so.
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