EX2F on hot list vs. XZ-1/LX-7

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Re: EX2F on hot list vs. XZ-1/LX-7

Part of Samsung's problem has ALWAYS been firmware and operational issues. Nothing is ever really fully finished, unfortunately and it's one of the areas they cut massive corners. This is a persistent issue, even until now, with respect to not only bugs, but holes in programming.

Also, expect to use RAW, as they're not good with jpeg. However, their SRW format produces huge file sizes and it's not necessarily great with the slow hardware. The catch 22 is that Wifi is only really feasible with Jpeg, so pick your poison.

The EX1 was a nice cam, but had lots of issues and needed much work to get the best out of it. Often more work than most have time to give. We'll see if the EX2 has those same negative traits.

John.Laninga wrote:

I like my XZ-1, fast lens, good JPG engine, small size. But the new generation of enthusiast compacts has me looking closely. In fact, I put an LX-7 on pre-order. Now, reading about the EX2F makes me want one instead, especially because of the articulating display.

I'm new to Samsung cameras, but am aware that there are some of you with a lot of Samsung experience. So I'd be interested in any observations on what you expect from the EX2F vs. the XZ-1 or LX-7.

Thanks for the info.
= John

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