APS-C snobbery and the future of m43

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Re: Don't forget the mythical IQ of the DSLR.....

Clayton1985 wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

There are differences in image quality although the gap has narrowed considerably. But IMO the bigger difference has always been the system moreso than just the sensor (which everyone seems to obsess over). Flash systems, lens selection, weather sealing, features, accessories, etc. The latest m4/3 gear shows that Panasonic and Olympus are starting to focus on these gaps with weather sealed bodies, professional lenses like the 12-35, etc.

So I hear, without anyone actually ever being able to demonstrate it (FF+ excepted).

I do respect your opinion and I happen to disagree. Regardless, I have no interest in beating this one to death. My point was really that image quality for me has not been the primary reason for keeping my DSLR system along with my m4/3 system but rather the other components of the system -- again, that is much less the case today.

Yep, I understand that.

I also think the idea that smaller is ALWAYS better is not really true. It is a different experience entirely when I take my DSLR gear out and I enjoy working with the bigger camera, lenses, etc. I like the option to choose based on the occasion.

It has nothing to do with size, a good sensor is a good sensor, the camera body size is largely irrelevant if the sensor is large enough and the lenses are good enough.

It has everything to do with size (and price I suppose). If its only about a good sensor then there are plenty of good sensors out there in APS-C format. Other than size what do you get from your m4/3 system that you can't get from a DSLR or SLT system? You can find the features, lenses, image quality etc. in a number of DSLR systems and in some cases they are less expensive. I've never seen it written or heard anyone say that they've made a decision to move to m4/3 because of the good sensors. There would be no sustainable market for m4/3 if it wasn't about size. The fact that you can get the small size with the impressive performance is what makes m 4/3 successful.

I see where you're coming from, I wasn't specifically talking about m4/3's but generalising. A lot of people will be happy with the Sony RX100 because the sensor is large enough and good enough but I guess the body size is part of the equation.

However, there are plenty of other reasons for going to m4/3's other than size, video and fast liveview being a couple of obvious ones.
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