Attention Tamron 24-70 VC owners

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Re: Apparently the VC "jumpiness" is typical for Tamron

I assume that you took these test shots using a tripod. My understanding is that Tamron's VC is not designed to be operated with the camera mounted on a tripod (the manual also says to turn VC off when the camera is mounted to a tripod). I suggest that you try hand shooting the Tamron with the VC on to compare to the Nikon 24-85. Obviously, the hand held test will not be as scientific, but you should see better results from the Tamron VC. I did. The Nikon and Tamron are very similar at f4.5 with VC/VR on...although the Nikon seems to have more contrast, I prefer the colors of the Tamron.

Have you compared the Nikon to the Tamron at 24mm? My copy of the Tamron is spot on between 50 and 70mm but has a significant back focus (-15 to -20) at 24mm. Very frustrating as I otherwise like the lens very much and prefer it (slightly) to the new 24-85.

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