Does the D4 also suffer Left AF issues?

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Re: Even if my D4 had a left AF issue, I wouldn't send it in.

RBFresno wrote:

I vaguely recall getting a few slightly shots with the extreme left AF reticule that seemed slightly OOF when I first got my D4. I made a mental note and have just avoided using the extreme left focusing reticle even though I never "bench" tested it and my impression could be wrong.

What I am sure of, is that my center focusing reticles are dead on.

Given what I've been reading about Nikon "fixing" the left AF but messing up the others, no way I'd send my D4 in at this point and risk messing up my center focusing.


Same here on everything mentioned above - left is slightly off at wide apertures with the 35 1.4 but everything else is fine. Received a month ago but must be early production (got XQD card & reader). No green screen or other issues and Nikon seem to be doing a better job so AF tune values are scattered around 0 unlike the D800s.

Also wouldn't trust service with 'fixing' anything if I can get away with it as some people seem to be reporting worse results after 'fix'.

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