using chdk on sx40

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Re: using chdk on sx40

Sunflower6 wrote:

Have you done every one of these steps?

  • put the card in the camera (with disabled write protect switch)

  • format it using the Canon menu

  • on your PC, copy the contents of the full zip to the card

  • put the card back into your camera

  • start the cam in play mode

  • find and execute the "firm update" option in the Canon menu

  • CHDK should start

  • press the print button for the CHDK menu

  • navigate here: Miscellaneous stuff -> Make card bootable, and execute it (set button)

  • switch the camera off, enable the write protect switch on the card, put it back

  • CHDK should now autostart

This is what is giving me trouble I think:
press the print button for the CHDK menu

On my SX220, I can not figure out where the print button is, I guess this is the print function from the menu? Thanks again for the help, I was skipping over press the print button, (hope it is the print function in the menu. I'll give CHDK another try and let everybody know. Thanks again for the help.

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