Using Canon Speedlite with remote trigger

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Re: Nissin Di866

ScratchDisk wrote:

Hi, Please list fully the kit, especially all the speedlites, that you are using.

At the moment I have only one flash which is Nissin Di866. And I want to use it as a Remote Master Flash.

If we are talking strictly about 'Canon Wireless', then the 5DII needs a master device in its hot-shoe (or wired directly with an OC-E3 or long clone of same). A 580ExII as master could be configured from the cam's flash menu screen - other master devices need to be setup using their own buttons/controls - but they can still work. With Di866 IIs you need to be in their 'Wireless' menu.

I don't know if I am understanding it right-But are you saying that 580ExII could be used as a single remote master flash and the other brands can't be used as a remote master without any other additional flashes mounted on the camera's hot shoe?

I really don't understand. If they are not allowed to work as a single remote flash without another flash attached to the camera's hot shoe, why they even put on the specification info that the flash could be used as a Wireless Master.

In my understanding a Wireless Master capability means that it can directly communicate with the camera without additional equipment or flash on the hot shoe of the camera and fire off wirelessly.

(OTOH, if you are using simple RF triggers, please tell us which type, Tx)

I am using a cheap type of 4 channel Remote flash trigger named Rembrandt. It is similar to the image that I provided the link on my first entry in this thread. It worked with my studio strobes. But when I tried to plug it with my Nissin Di866, the cord wouldn't fit to the Nissin flash. Both the receiver has a big metal plug that fits with Studio strobes. But the Nissin Flash has a different type of plug (same as the one on the camera). Even the long cord's one side goes to the camera and the other side has a different plug that can only fit with studio strobes. So I don't know what to do.

Thanks for help

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