Missing feature from new Canon mirrorless

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nosnoop wrote:

Pete4 wrote:

It seems this camera is missing all 5 features listed: for sure it doesn't have VF, it doesn't have flash, I don't see any type of dial, mode nor control and some pictures show it with 22mm lens, so possibly zoom will be extra cost option.

Now I must admit it never even crossed my mind all 5 will be missing, so yeah this camera sucks, like probably the worst camera ever.

Can't you guys just wait for like 2+ days being jumping into conclusion and declaring it the "worst camera ever"?

Does Canon thinks it's Apple and can make crap and people will still be buying it?

Actually yes. The name Canon would guarantee that the camera would sell.
The only concern Canon has is not to lose market share to its competitors.

OK, I waited the 2+ days and the camera still "sucks" (I mean it's directly a product of careful range marketing, rather than the creation of a product that demonstrates what would be possible at the price point) - Hey I deserve a bit of credit for guessing the features that would be omitted but I didn't expect to nail at least 4 out of the 5...

One of these statements is probably true: "a camera with any of those five features is high-end" / "Canon is deliberately dialling down the features to protect its DSLR line".

I don't believe the mainstream kit will be with a 22m prime lens - but it does make the camera appear more compact in launch pictures - credit to dpreview for incuding the zoom in its pics.

I 100% understand it's Canon's job to maximise their profit across the range, but it's limiting choice in a segment I'm quite keen on.

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