27 inch iMac or RMBP with Dell ultrasharp monitor

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Instead of spending money on a new monitor or calibration hardware, I'd recommend evaluating the conditions in which your doing the calibration. Just do a search...it could save you money down the road.

Also, "losing" reds and violets when "printing from Adobe" and "with Mac, it just seems best to use sRGB" sounds pretty strange. I assume your talking about Adobe RGB, a color space. Which has absolutely nothing to do with you losing reds and violets when printing (as if sRGB would preserve those same colors??). Again, I would do a search about proper calibration and profiling.

Indy3737 wrote:

Thank you for your response Robert, I neglected to check the site for a few days, busy operating on ischemic legs. I'll try to keep up, I know it is frustrating, but do appreciate everyone's ideas.

In response to your question and for a little more background, I shoot wedding photography as a side job, I know, sounds crazy, surgeon and photographer, but it is an interesting balance. I use Nikon cameras, all set to "zero" for saturation, brightness, contrast, etc, and always shoot in sRGB, realizing color may be "better" in adobe, but that you can lose bright reds, and ultraviolet when printing from adobe, and with Mac, it just seems best to use sRGB. I shoot in raw, and process with photoshop, I think it's version 4. I use the Dell monitor, which frankly got great reviews, I think I have had it for about two years, but only cost about 250 dollars. I have calibrated actually with Spyder Elite, rather than pro, and with continued inaccuracies with screen to print match, and also with continued failure of the images to appear on other monitors the was they appear on my monitor, I have re-calibrated, without much change. The difference always appears to be that on other monitors my images appear too dark and color less saturated. It may just be a monitor issue, and maybe that is the next thing to do, just get another monitor. I have read about the Eizo, double price, but also have been looking at the NEC options. I have thought I could do better without the Mac monitor, but of course the Thunderbolt monitor seems to be getting good reviews. My plan is likely to continue to review new monitor options, but I would be happy to here your input, and again appreciate your assistance

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