Your second half of 2012 Ricoh prediction

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Re: Your second half of 2012 Ricoh prediction


I would say that Ricoh GRD is the only compact camera that exists. Other cameras like the LX5 are not cameras, they are consumer products filled with gimmicks to increase consumption. Ricoh does not play that game.

Ricohs are photographic tools. There is not a single camera that can compete with the GRD, no not the Sony RX100 either.

Documensony wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

So many other cameras to choose from I sure hope Ricoh does something

And more cameras landing in Ricoh's home turf - high end compact/mirrorless - almost by the day.

Ricoh developed this niche early on ... and where did it lead them? Are they better in optics or sensors or electronics or EVFs or LCDs? ... no. Are they better in UI? ... probably among the best.

But is that enough if lacking behind in most or all other competition parameters?

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