Just got an NX200 - SD Card question

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Re: Just got an NX200 - SD Card question

Samsung's hardware is notoriously slow. You're not going to yield much with a faster card. This is a common complaint, actually. The only thing a faster card might get you is higher transfer speeds when using them in your computer's cardreader.

If you want a faster camera, basically look at some of the competitors.

This is one of those silent things that doesn't hit the spec sheets often, which is how samsung is intent on marketing, thus we get people surprised by slow operation and slow shot to shot times, including full lockups.

random78 wrote:

I just acquired an NX200 (Have used m43 and NEX in past, this is my first NX camera). So far I like it and with the 30mm f2 lens it is a nice combo. However I am bothered a bit by the RAW write speed. I have already upgraded to FW 1.04 to get the smaller RAW file size which has definitely helped. I know that I am not going to get rid of the slow write issue completely but wondering if I can improve it a bit further by going to a faster card compared to what I have

Currently I have a Transcend 8GB Class 10 SDHC card and a Sandisk Extreme 4GB card. As per my rough measurements, from the time I press the shutter to the time I can play the image, it takes just over 5s with the Transcend and just over 4s with the Sandisk extreme. Is it possible to go a bit faster than this with a faster card?

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