Fill Flash G1X Question

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Re: Fill Flash G1X Question


Nice picture of your family and good balance between ambient and fill lights. Canon's decision to not allow ETTL in manual exposure mode continues to puzzle me. I tried using fill flash with the 270 EX II. After setting the correct ambient exposure with a few test shots, I would switch the flash on, and the camera would alter the ambient exposure I had locked in earlier. Very frustrating.

I wasn't aware of the Safety FE mode but I will try that and see if it helps. Thanks for your post.

mcslsk wrote:

Fill flash with the G1X is tricky (as with all G's). The image below was taken with internal flash, i-contrast, EV -2/3, Safety FE for flash on. External flash is a different story. I still have to figure out how the 270EX and the G1X interact. Reducing the ambient light exposure by at least 2/3 and setting the flash exposure to Safety FE seems to be key to avoid blown highlights in faces.

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