Upgrading from LX3 to NEX-5N. Advice on Lenses & gear

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Upgrading from LX3 to NEX-5N. Advice on Lenses & gear

I've decided to upgrade from my Panasonic Lumix LX3 for my upcoming Honeymoon to south-africa.

I wanted to go for the compact size of the GX1 with it's pancake zoom. But that lens has issues and with the non-pancake zoom lens the difference with the NEX-series isn't big.

What I'd consider buying:

  • NEX-5N

  • 15-55mm: part of the kit

  • 55-210mm: also part of the kit, I'd prefer more tele for the safari, but other than that I'd almost never need more

  • 50mm F1.8: i'd prefer it to be wider but this one is very bright and the image stabilization makes it extra useful for low-light

  • I'm doubting between three options for wide-angle shots:

  1. Using the "Sweep Panorama" function it's possible to get a pretty wide angle

  2. Get the 16mm F2.8 with the UWA and/or Fisheye adapters

  3. get the Samyang 8mm f/2.8 Fisheye (a bit brigther since the 16mm loses a bit of light with the adapters on it. Don't know if there's a real difference in Image quality?)

  • I certainly don't have unlimited funds so do you see these as "much better" options than the sweep panorama? If so, why? Here's an example sweep-panorama shot:

DA photo wrote:

This is a panorama done with the 5n vertical but swept horizontally. With some cropping it is sized at 13x19

  • Regarding the 16mm, I noticed it's quite a lot cheaper on Ebay than in stores. Is this something I can trust or are those probably "bad copies" getting sold off (I read that 16mm lens can vary in quality quite a lot).

  • I already bougth the "SanDisk 64GB SDXC 30 MB/s, UHS I, Class 10" trough a promotion

  • I also bought the Veho Duopod (a cheap monopod and tripod which you can screw together) in a promotion. With a max weight of 500g it won't hold the 55-210, but should be able to handle the other lenses.

  • To save some money I'd get a camera bag (& spare batteries) from a cheap Hong-Kong site. Can I have the lenses "lying around" in my backpack or is that a very bad idea? In that case, what would you recommend me buying (not too expensive)

Is there something important/useful I should buy on top of this?

There will be quite a lot of new lenses this year and next year, perhaps I should just use the 2 kit lenses (already a huge upgrade from my current LX3) and decide on what else to buy after I have some more experience? The reason for buying those now is to be able to use them on my honeymoon.

Thanks for your advice!

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