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also interested

I too looked briefly and there is more to find on the web about the Tamron’s stabilization effectiveness including observations "Tamron 17-50 2.8 VC lens has the absolute best vibration compensation of any lens we’ve ever tried" at Fstoppers which I can't take seriously.

Your aperture leaver issue alone indicates enough to me to replace it making sure it is a different batch where the new one comes from. It stands to reason the lens’s VC working opposite to its purpose (sharp VC off, blurry VC on) would destroy the lens sells prospects pretty soon. So you are guessing right about you having a lemon. I looked at three videos and they are impressed with the lens VC capability (up to 1sec) – incomparable results compared to the shots without the VC.

As for the element action, I’d check it out on the lens that is apparently functioning. But you can see a slightly different behaviour. Sigma 17-50’s OS ll while working very well had more rapid movement of the element as well (two copies) and with a tiny delay (the actual jump) compared to what I normally see on Nikkors and Canons. There was some other specific behaviour with that lens’s stabilization but I am just barely recollecting that so I’ll leave it at this. – and the element rattled a bit more than other lenses (especially when you shook the lens holding it upright). However that was not an issue because it fell within the time you need to give to the lens when stabilization is enabled – and that time is about a second - which makes you somewhat impatient:

Mine doesn't seem to be working right. When I half-press the shutter I hear the VC turn on, I see a slight shift in the image, then 1/2 second later I see a huge shift in the image. This happens every time I engage the VC. I'm accustomed to VR/IS systems from Nikon/Canon and the slight shift they produce but I've never seen an image shift this consistent and this large. That's one issue.

So whether or not the element jumps first, more or less noticeably or the sequence of the action is a little different you need to wait for the lens stabilizing action to settle, so much for "the needed workaround".

During that time you try to settle your hand, too. If you are thinking of snapping the shutter on the VR/IS/OS/VC running for a quick action your keeper rate will be an issue, not the stabilization. Also, once you mention static vs moving objects factor, when using 24 to 70mm FL and shooting moving targets (at higher s. speeds) you are very often better off leaving the stabilization off as your shake – shutter speed stopping-action relation has largely different ratio compared to same scenarios but say at 200 or 300mm where the cooperation of the stabilization becomes rather crucial although it doesn’t mean it will work by snapping the shutter. (You have typically engaged the stabilizing action in advance as you follow the target.) That was to say this 24-70mm lens stabilization for subject in motion when shooting stills is far less useful compared to long lenses. You will often benefit from quicker shutter activation than from stabilization at this FL at higher/high speeds.

So after shooting awhile with Sigmas I got used to it – but it can be surprising first, I can understand someone can dislike it and can have own favourite – Canon, Nikon implementation or specific lenses’ ones if he/she can afford to be a bit pickier. I’d exchange your lemon, and try to use more adequate terms when it comes to IS functioning.
This is from a next door forum at more challenging settings

I would like to hear from the fx users of the lens (still less numerous I think) too. And anything about sharpness comparison to Nikon. Reports indicate the comparison (mostly to Canon) is quite complicated, as expected, and they vary. I guess it’s early days. I’d personally consider the lens on fx only if it has better definition than Nikkor, or it’s a toss-up, where the VC would seal the deal.

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