HP Envy 15 - does this sound like a good Photoshop Machine for travel?

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Re: Less is more?

Richard I would be enormously happy if I could handle a 17” laptop. I'm in my 70's, with a bad hip and back, and have a feeling I wouldn't be able to use it for long. Just putting it down on the floor and picking it up from my seat in the motor home would be difficult. I will try find one to try though, so I can be sure it's too much.

Actually I'm more concerned about how the company honors warranties, than I am about bad reviews unless they are almost anonymously horrible. That is one reason I am trying to stay away from Dell unless they are the only place I can find the right laptop. I have my own Dell support horror story. They did not stand behind an additional part configured on their website (nor did the maker of the expensive part). A year later they started giving refunds but it was too late for me. Why they sold that piece of junk for so long - the net was full of complaints - is beyond me.

I could probably buy a Macbook Pro within my budget, but I've been that route with a Mac Pro desktop and really don't want to have to do a third switch with Photoshop (even if they would do it).

I will check the HP website for the DV7s and try one out to see if I might possibly be able to handle the extra weight (If I can find one in our area.)

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!

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