HP Envy 15 - does this sound like a good Photoshop Machine for travel?

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Re: HP Envy 15 - does this sound like a good Photoshop Machine for travel?

Sky, thanks so much for your advice and the link.

Under specs for the

HP - 15.6" Pavilion, Model: m6-1045dx it doesn't mention whether the Video Memory is dedicated or integrated which is important to me.

No firewire or esata ports is a problem. I have three internal storage drives besides my OS (desktop). My 11 (10) external hard drives do not have USB 3. Two I use as a raid for my Photoshop files which run off my PC always. The other nine are for backups. Two sets are at off site places and three externals at home to use to switch out the off site backups. (After losing a years worth of work because three backups failed simultaneously when my PC failed, I'm paranoid.)

They are all in cases, except for the raid, but replacing the raid and the cases would add up to a scary chunk of change!

I definitely will check it out at Best Buy and if I like it, hopefully I can configure it with a dedicated ram video card at the HP website. I don't know if I'm able to swap out a video card (which would add to the price.)

Do you know if there is a USB adapter for esata? Or for firewire, though it takes much longer to sync a backup.

Thank you for the reply!

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