Sony SLT-A77 Questions (how to get good high-iso images easily)

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Sony SLT-A77 Questions (how to get good high-iso images easily)

I am in the market for a new camera. The SLT-A77 actually fits my requirements, except for one major issue: Image quality at higher ISO's > 800.

Dpreview says:

The A55 images below are the same as those shown in the table above, but the A77 files have been downsampled in Photoshop (using the 'bicubic smoother' resizing algorithm) to an output resolution of 4912 x 3275 (16MP). The purpose of doing this is to establish whether the A77 is a noisier camera than the previous-generation A55 when its greater pixel count is taken out of the equation

What this means is that if you're an A55 user habitually making prints of a given size, the A77 will give you near-identical image quality in low light, high ISO situations. The extra pixels on its sensor won't appreciably increase the quality of the output you're used to, but they won't make things noticeably worse, either. > >

I don't understand what they mean by the last paragraph. I did some research on downsampling/resampling and it is an absolutely non-trivial science to do it right. There are various algorithms and workflows that can be used, and it is by no means easy to do. It is also time and resource intensiv. Furthermore, does this mean I have to shell out more than the price of the camera to buy an additional photoshop license? Sorry but I just don't get it what dpreview is really saying here, and it seems to me they may be leaving out some substancial portions of the economics in their story.

Does the A77 have built in software to do such downsampling effectively in high quality? For example by working in 12MP mode? (that would work just fine for me... ) Can anyone explain how the A77 transforms a 24MP raw file to 12MP internally in the camera..., what process and algorithm they use?

Can anyone give any recommendation how to get high quality high-iso Photographs out of the A77, with minimal effort in time and resources?

The point is this: if I need addtional software (photoshop?) then I have to add the price of that to the price of the camera. Furthermore I also have to price in my time that gets used up to do the PP wouldn't I?

Thanks in advance for any qualified information that is technically to the point.

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