Why couldn't I get the clouds, shadows and details in the first picture?

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Re: Why couldn't I get the clouds, shadows and details in the first picture?

i generally don't like to be rude (referring to post above )... first thing that you should do is read manual that was supplied (if it was) with your fantastic camera... Canon manuals have the most basic info about photography in them. with basic understanding of terms like: aperture, shutter speed, focal length, iso, etc. (definitions of all of them you can find on google) you can learn basics of photography from camera's manual. also - as it was advised already - you should get some photography books (i think i used national geographic ones when i started). they will not only give you technical knowledge but also some ideas for subject, execution, etc...

regarding your photos: the exif info says that iso was 640, shutter speed was 1/13 sec and aperture f45 (which is way over the limit of this lens)... those parameters would be ok for quite low light situation, and when shooting straight into the sun it gave you bad overexposure.

as others said already, there is a lot more things to think of in photography than how good your camera is and what lenses you use with it. you spent sh..t loads of money on great equipment now learn how to use it properly (very often time and patience consuming process). otherwise your photos will be worse than those taken with any p&s camera.

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