Should Samsung focus on speed and ISO instead resolution in new Sensors?

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Re: Should Samsung focus on speed and ISO instead resolution in new Sensors?


This is why the Samsung forum gets made fun of. People act like they are part of Samsung (outside of the obvious shills) and "take exception" and get all hurt and insulted when people (rightfully) criticize the products and the company.

Sorry, 1600 is not "fairly high ISO". This is more of the amateurish input people make fun of that comes out of this forum.

Your suggestions, however, aren't that bad, but they seem to be completely unrealistic. Samsung is not in this higher tier realm you seem to want them to move into with more expensive, specialized lenses, performance, and so on. The imaging division is very obviously an experiment for them. They're not looking to go all in to compete with Sony (who does offer some very fine lenses in the Nex lineup, which might be expensive, but the costs can be justified), Canon, and now even entry level slrs, like the new 3200 or the K-30.

Samsung is not focused on the "photography", but more on people who look ONLY at spec sheets, thus their mission to only add on gizmos before fixing and fortifying the foundation the gizmos are added to. They're not a serious company about photography, that's for sure and their pricing is pretty outrageous and the markets have spoken in saying their prices, at best, are 200% what the product value is.

Then comes the problems with lens availability, where people have to jump throguh hoops and buy from ebay Korea and without warranty for some of the more expensive lenses in the lineup.

All this spells a company that is only experimenting and for consumers, the prospect of buying into a system which might not be around in a few years to use their glass with is not exactly a nice one.

Kaziklu wrote:

I take a bit of exception with the Idea that Samsung is that far behind.

There are area's that I'm unhappy with, but using the NX11 and NX20, I'm fairly happy with them, and the noise is usually not too bad. I find my self shooting at a fairly high ISO without much of a noise issue.

With some post processing I could get decent low light from the NX11 right up to ISO 1600, with the NX20 in a low light situations I will move up to ISO 3200 or even 4000 in the right situations. Though usually I'll choose to shoot 2000 and add exposure in post.

The NX system needs to focus on three things to compete with the big boys.

1. Processing, Buffer and write times, the camera's need a much fast image processor that is on par with Nikon and Canon in the 60D or D7000 and the ability to write faster... a 1-2gb Buffer 40-60mb/s write times and a significantly faster buffer

2. Lens, they need to start looking at lens that Pro's use and talk about, people are getting into Photography listening and reading to blogs and podcasts and want lens that are being talked about.

50 Prime, a lens over 200mm, a good wide lens, and a lens zoom portrait lens at 200mm... at f2.8 or f4 (70-200mm) I like the 50-200 even at f5.6 but I would love a 200 f4 or better.

And release the lens specs to more then Samyang

3. Marketing, and reignition, Sony is being helped a lot because the Internet famous photo people are pimping Sony NEX camera's.

These are the top things Samsung need to worry about. Imaging is always a concern, and ISO, Speed and Resolution are always being thought about, but having a strong functional system is also important.

Hell build a set of studio lens, and get Adobe to add tethering, if you really want to raise some eye brows.

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