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Re: "Critique" is not easy?

morepix wrote:

3DrJ wrote:

Yes, boiled down, that is exactly the point. Here's how to be honest, and stop the BS: say what's good, say what isn't good, say what could make it better and how to make it better. Job done.

Terrific summary and great advice. But you forgot one thing: How can you/we make that happen? Or, to put it differently, no way . Still, it's good this thread was here. At least a few people will read it, and maybe a few of those few will put it into practice.

I was responding to the idea of "stop the BS" and being "honest". Just a brief "instruction manual", in case anyone wants to do better and the OP wished would happen.

I didn't forget anything. Your point is well-taken: we can't make people behave more appropriately. I tried to be clear that it is voluntary. We can promote it, but we are not able to enforce it at all. Frankly, I'd be happy to see that a few more people decide to act more constructively.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Thanks for taking that single step, and thanks Tedolf for making the occasion to say it.

I agree.

P.S. to 3DrJ: It would be great if you could put this idea into an article for publication by DPR.

An interesting idea. I'll look into it. Not that I invented anything, but no harm in saying one more time.

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