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Re: Apparently the VC "jumpiness" is typical for Tamron

Horshack wrote:

Did some research and it appears the jumping/shifting of the image within 1 second of engaging VC is somewhat normal for Tamron's implementation (across all their VC lenses, not just the 24-70). The recommended workaround is to wait 1 second after engaging VC before taking a photo. That shouldn't be a problem for me because I intend to use the lens with static subjects. However even with that workaround I'm finding that the vibration control of the Tamron falls well short of the 3 stops I've seen reported/reviewed elsewhere.

Here's a photo sequence demonstrating this. I compared the Tamron 24-70 to the new Nikon 24-85mm VR with 3 back-to-back shots each. Both were on a D5100 @ 70mm, so an effective FOV of 105mm. I shot @ 25mm, so a test of 2 stops of VC/VR. The tamron exposed 1 stop brighter (and 1 stop larger aperture) due to the aforementioned aperture lever calibration problem on my copy; I've adjusted the exposure down in PP.

Buddy, that is really unacceptable, IMO. Even my oldest VR1 Nikon lens can run circles around that Tamron. If that's normal then............well you can guess what I might say. Good luck.

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