is the 5dm III is a semi pro cam

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Re: is the 5dm III is a semi pro cam

jimy444 wrote:

going on canon site, the only place were the world pro-professional appear is in the 1 series articles!

i had a discussion with the friend that consider the 5dmIII as a mid range cam with the 7d

we all know that advantages of the 1 series over the 5 series (especially shutter count)

but why on all the sites on the planet the 5d is placed in the pro / advances column wile on canon site there is no mention of pro world anywhere?

It is no questions that Canon really had professionals in mind when making the 5D III because they have very clearly stated that they had listened to what pros wanted when making that camera.

But all the cameras of Canons lineup can be used professionally. The question one must ask is not if the camera is professional or not, it is : does this camera fits my needs?

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