EOS-M Touchscreen???

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Brian Slater Regular Member • Posts: 303
Re: EOS-M upgrade ???

You are welcome. Another aspect is the time it takes to develop cameras and lenses. I imagine that Canon started working on the 650 D and the EOS M some time ago. That may have even been before the Sony NEX 7 and Olympus EM-5 appeared. They probably have various prototypes of future cameras in testing already. To win in this competition Canon needs to skate to where the hockey puck is going to be, not to where it is now, or where it was some time ago.

I imagine you are correct that they will watch what happens with the EOS-M and consider its acceptance and feedback before releasing another camera in the series, and finalizing its features. That might mean that the next release is not imminent; sometime next year seems reasonable rather than this year (Photokina for example). I hope they will release some more good small prime lenses and perhaps a longer zoom to add to the momentum.

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