Which editing tablet to get?

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Re: Which editing tablet to get?

The nuts 'n bolts of tablet use is that the pen is an input device for your computer, just as a mouse is. My opinion? The pen is definitely mightier than the mouse!

For one thing, the active area of the tablet is equal to your monitor - no more "scrolling" your cursor multiple times to get it from one side of the screen to the other. Simply hover your pen over the tablet and the cursor is at that spot on your screen.

The pen has a rocker switch. On my Intuos model, the lower end of the switch is a right click. Tapping the pen on your tablet is a left click. Both ends of the rocker switch can be changed by the user to whatever the user wants to do.

No doubt, the Wacom Bamboo series tablets will have a model to suit your needs. I second the recommendation that a small tablet will be just fine.

The Intuos models add Express Keys, further buttons that can be programmed by the user to perform tasks done often (like creating a new layer in Photoshop/Elements or switching from the foreground to background colors, etc). These keys are also programmable in different programs - the tablet knows what program is open and in use and the buttons automatically change from program to program, depending upon user choices for what they do.


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