more ghastly FZ200 samples

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Re: more ghastly FZ200 samples

wkay wrote:
corner softness, CA abound, what's going on?

Look at Panasonic sign on the catwalk image, huge CA. Look at the 100mm F4, corner blur beyond belief. No f2.8 images at all (except 5mm which FZ150 has), why is everyone afraid to use it?

I guess we can hide behind 'pre-production' claims but surprised Panasonic would want this stuff to get out.

I don't know, I downloaded all the pictures of the various ISO settings of the small cacti in pots. The pictures look pretty good to me using my copy of FastStone image viewer looking at the full resolution downloads at 100%.

I guess it's just my tired old eyes or this 21" iMac monitor, but they all looked pretty decent to me. When you consider the size of the sensor in the Panasonic FZ200 with an F2 .8 lens, all the way through the zoom range, and that zoom range incorporates 25mm to 600mm, it looks like a winner to me.

But let's wait until the camera is actually on the market and in the hands of the everyday shooters. And reviews boards, like this one, has an opportunity to put the new camera through its paces. Then we can compare the new FZ200 to the old FZ150.

Thank you for posting these pictures, as they are the most thorough of this new camera that I have seen to-date.

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