RX 100 video focusing issue?

Started Jul 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
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jumpingjack Contributing Member • Posts: 616
RX 100 video focusing issue?

I have bought an RX100 which arrived today. Believe it or not I bought it mainly for video to potentially replace my panasonic dedicated camcorder, but also to take stills when I don't want to carry around all my Canon SLR gear.

I am new to Sony so haven't really got to grip with all the options yet.

I have one issue and I am not sure if either 1. I am expecting too much or 2. I am doing something wrong.

Firstly I am extremely impressed with this camera. The video quality is superb and while the stills are not comparable to my SLR, they are far more than I could ever have expected from a camera this size and certainly good enough.

The one niggle I seem to be having is related to the focusing when shooting video.

I have noticed on a few occasions that if I have a person in the frame, let's say out in the garden then sometimes the person will be in focus and sometimes the garden elements just behind will be in focus and the person slightly out of focus. If I zoom slightly then the person will come back into focus. I do have face recognistion set to on.

At first I shot video in P mode but then I found the more comprehensive 277 page user guide on line and that says when videoing set the camera to IA which I did but the result was the same.

I have discovered two things. 1. The focus tracking which seems quite effective as long as you set that before you start shooting but if the person goes out of the frame and then comes back in it doesn't really help. 2. The facility to store a face in memory so that it will be recognised but this may not always be practical or prefereable if there are other subjects in the frame.

Is there a way to have the closest subject (person) to you as the focus point unless you set something specific in the focus tracking. I have never noticed anything like this with my dedicated Panny camcorder so I am not sure if it is a limitation of this little camera or I am doing something incorrectly.

The quality is just as good if not better than my Panny when rendered and output to an HD file if I could just resolve this little niggle. I have taken three or four different short videos in different places and with different people, sometimes the person is in focus which is what I want but sometimes it is something just behind them which is in focus, which I don't.

Any help would be appreciated.

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