Embarrassing lack of progress

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Re: Embarrassing lack of progress

Onabeach wrote:

I am sometimes amazed at the lack of progress in camera (and other) technology. Here is a description of a camera made almost 30 years ago:

"This model incorporates our very own active TTL/auto-focus system, where the subject is lighted up with near-infrared light through the lens , enabling ranging by the reflected light, and the lens optical axis and ranging position remain constant even if the distance between the subject and shooter fluctuates (parallax-free). The result is high-precision auto focusing unaffected by either brightness or contrast …This model features a large caliber of f/1.2 brightness along with a 6x zoom lens packed into a compact size…user can approach the subject at a distance of up to just 4mm from the tip of the lens thanks to the macro mechanism…A variety of information including VTR battery levels, as well as operating conditions of the camera such as recording, exposure level, white balance, back light correction, and zoom speed are all displayed in easy-to-read characters in the viewfinder."

Do you really believe everything Canon marketing says? How about this on AF in EOS system 30 years ago.

"Canon's first EOS camera had the latest technologies including a super microcomputer and a Canon-developed BASIS sensor for high-precision AF . The EOS 650 boasted incomparable autofocusing . Each EF lens has its own optimum built-in motor for autofocusing , and only electronic signals are exchanged between the lens and camera body. It is an ideal AF system . Since there is no high-torque driving noise, autofocusing is quick. The high-precision Ultrasonic Motor (USM) was also developed successfully. EOS was the start of a new and unique series of AF SLR cameras."

So already 30 years ago they had perfected AF-system in EOS cameras.

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